Swapping the Engagement Rings for Wedding Rings: The Summer of Love

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Just as Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of the summer season, Labor Day weekend marks its end. Before long, the weather will get cooler, the leaves will start to change, and the holiday shopping will begin. But before we bid a formal farewell to the warm weather, let’s take a moment to recognize that this really was one romantic season.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green: Lost but not forsaken

In June of 2010, Brian Austin Green proposed for a second time, to girlfriend and movie star Megan Fox, on the beach in Hawaii. According to rumors, Fox was so excited that she promptly dropped the diamond engagement ring in the sand, where it was never to be seen again. Nonplussed, Green replaced the ring, and the two were wed in Hawaii a few weeks later.

Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky: American Royalty

Although the two have been friends for almost twenty years, Clinton, daughter of political power couple Bill and Hillary, did not confirm that her childhood friendship with Mezvinsky had blossomed into romance until 2005. The August 2 wedding was an interfaith ceremony held in Rhinebeck, NY that reportedly cost about $3 million. While it wasn’t the only royal wedding this summer, it was as close as this country can possibly get to the real thing.

Robbie Willaims and Ayda Field: A classy, clean affair

For a man that used to live his life so publicly, reformed rogue Robbie Williams certainly snuck his wedding under the radar. On August 7th, the British Singer wed actress Ayda Fields in a ceremony that was so last minute, his band mates weren’t able to attend. Those that were able to make it to their L.A. home in time, celebrated with finger sandwiches and cups of tea in deference to the groom’s wishes.

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie: A fairytale romance

Back in the day, Hilary Duff was the reigning tween, pop culture princess, but just because she has grown up doesn’t mean she can’t have a wedding fit for a queen. This past February Duff announced her engagement to NHL player, Mike Comrie, whom she had been dating since 2007. The two exchanged vows in front of about 100 guests in Santa Barbara this past August 14. The requisite attire for a fairytale bride? Vera Wang, of course.


Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer: Blood may be thicker, but water is more fun.

Constant danger and conflict might plague their on-screen romance, but things couldn’t be more harmonious for this real-life couple. The True Blood costars exchanged wedding rings  during an ocean side ceremony in Malibu on August 21st. The pair, who have been engaged since last August, were joined by a small group of friends, family, and a few costars, some of whom joined the groom when he stripped down to swim trunk for a post-nuptial dip in the ocean.

Chad Lowe and Karen Painter: Life goes on
Closing out this particularly packed season of matrimonial bliss, Actor Chad Lowe wed his longtime girlfriend, Karen Painter in another California beachside ceremony on August 28. Lowe was once known as the other half to Oscar winner Hillary Swank. And although their love did not last, the actor proved that life goes on when he exchanged vows with film producer Painter in a ceremony attended by friends and family, where the couple’s daughter acted as ring bearer while famous brother Rob Lowe acted as best man.

So take a page from the playbook of the stars and enjoy the beach while you can, because just like their engagement rings eventually turn to wedding rings, summer will soon turn to fall. Don’t fret though, there is sure to be an avalanche of fall brides coming our way with a whole new style. Beach weddings are so last season.


Impromptu Weddings Can Still Be Titanic

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The tragic maiden and final voyage of The Titanic has fascinated people since it sank in 1912, killing 1,522 people. And once again, the famous ship, made even more famous by Director James Cameron in 1997, is making headlines. Fortunately though, this is a happy occasion.

A Massachusetts area couple, working aboard a research ship mapping the wreckage of The Titanic, was married at sea while on a detour from the ship’s wreckage site.


Jim Kovacs, the ship’s director of photography, already had an engagement ring, and had been planning on proposing to Maryann Morin, who works in film post-production, for about a year. But this past Sunday, after Hurricane Danielle forced the ship to change course, Kovacs decided it was now or never.

The two exchanged wedding rings on the deck of their ship with the captain, Jean Charcot, officiating the ceremony. According to CBC News, the crew spent the night before making paper flowers and the bride’s outfit was fashioned out of a bedsheet.

The couple plan to honeymoon in Cape Cod and continue their voyage to The Titanic as soon as the weather allows.

Can’t Believe We Missed This Wedding…

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Lately we have been cataloging the celebrity weddings that have been held this past summer, which have been abundant in number, but somehow this legendary party boy slipped under our radar.

British singer and notorious playboy, Robbie Williams, exchanged wedding rings with his longtime girlfriend, Ayda Field, this past August.


The former lothario married the American-born actress in a last minute ceremony at his Los Angeles home on August 7th. Due to the last minute nature of the ceremony, his band mates were not able to attend, but sent video well wishes to be played after the ceremony.

Ten years ago Williams was well known for his music career, both with the band Take That, and his solo career, but better known for his hard partying ways. From the time he left his band in 1995 until the time he met Field in 2007, rumors of his drug use and alcohol abuse ran rampant. As well as detailed stories of a more personal nature from friends and tour mates.

But Williams has since settled his wild ways for Fields, even giving up his cigarette habit, which was once as high as 60 smokes a day, so that the two can have children.

In November of 2009, Williams proposed to Fields live on an Australian radio show. Later, after allegations of pulling a publicity stunt, Williams claimed it was only a joke. However, the actress was soon seen around L.A. sporting an diamond engagement ring reportedly worth $250,000.

The 40 minute ceremony was an alcohol free affair at the request of Williams, who has been battling his substance abuse addiction for years, and attended by celebrities Jonathan Wilkes, Claire Danes, and Hugh Dancy.

Wedding Tip # 2: Not Your Grandparent’s Wedding

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So the engagement ring is on, and now the planning begins. Maybe themed weddings aren’t your cup of tea, but you still want a cohesive thread for the big day. How about: fun. Just think fun.


In this modern time of changing traditions, not everyone wants a classic cookie cutter wedding reception. Maybe you want to build the kind of atmosphere where people can let their hair down a little, maybe you want to make sure that your guests can let loose, or maybe you’re just really a fan of that YouTube video where they dance down the aisle to Chris Brown’s “Forever.” Whatever your reasons may be, here are some ideas for planning a modern, informal affair.

Start the party off with style, and swap the wedding gown for less formal attire. Try something a little shorter so you can really move around the dance floor, and a little sparkle or sequin will still draw everyone’s eye. Maybe take a step away from white and incorporate your wedding colors, that way you can costume change like a diva and still match your venue.

Much like the descent down the aisle, the grand exit from the reception is a highly photographed moment. Try something a little more original that rice. Birdseed has become a staple for the more animal conscious crowds, but if you want to try something new and still like the idea of “going green” for your affair, try having some eco-friendly confetti on hand for guests to throw. If your big exit will take place at night, have your guests send you off with sparklers. There will be very little clean up involved and the light will look amazing in photos.

Speaking of photography, photo booths are back in style. Setting up a photo booth at the reception is a good way for everybody to get in on the fun, and has the makings of a great scrapbook. If you don’t want to spend the money on a private rental, try making your own. Leave out a Polaroid camera, hang up a backdrop, provide some props, and let your guests get creative.

Remember, the type of party you want, might not be the type your parents wants. And while it is your day, there is on need for grandma to watch your friends taking shots. Consider the concept of an after party, and keep the reception low key for your older guests and families. Look into reserving a suite at your hotel for close friends, or set up a private package at the hotel bar for younger guests who want to keep the party going.

And when picking out your wedding rings, try looking at a bit more modern designs. Traditions are cherished, but plain gold bands aren’t for everyone. Match her engagement ring with a little more sparkle, or let him show his personality with some unique hardware.

Another Lowe Brother Slips on a Wedding Ring, Sorry Ladies

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ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars” star Chad Lowe has finally exchanged wedding rings with his longtime girlfriend, Kim Painter.


The two tied the knot in an ocean side ceremony at the Terranea Resort in front of a small group of family and friends this past Saturday in Los Angeles. The couple’s 15 month old daughter served as ring bearer, while the actor’s famous and famously handsome, Rob Lowe, served as best man.

Painter walked down the aisle in a gown by Kirstie Kelly, while the groom wore a combination of Rag & Bones, and Dolce and Gabbana.

Lowe, who is best known for his role as a teen living with HIV in the television show, “Life Goes On”, as well as his first marriage to movie star Hillary Swank, met his new wife, a film producer, in 2007. The two welcomed their child,daughter Mabel, in May 2009. Interestingly, Mabel is the first girl born into the Lowe family in four generations.

The Lowe/Painter wedding wasn’t the only beach side ceremony held by Hollywood’s inner circle this summer, but will it be the last?

The season officially ends this Labor Day, and we are excited to see which new engagement rings pop up next, as well as what’s in style for the fall. Visit us on Facebook and let us know who you’re most excited to see tie the knot next.

Quickie Weddings Sometimes Last a Lifetime

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Quickie Weddings Sometimes Last a Lifetime

The internet is, once again, abuzz over rumors that Pop Star Britney Spears may be slipping an engagement ring on that busy left hand.


While representation for Spears has yet to comment on the validity of the news that she is planning a small ceremony to wed boyfriend and former Manager, Jason Trewick, this could be the third trip down the aisle for Spears.

Spears’s second marriage to former dancer Kevin Federline, which lasted two years and produced two children, was constantly the subject of media speculation. However, her first marriage made just as big a splash.

In 2004, after a night out in Las Vegas, Spears married her childhood friend, Jason Alexander. The marriage only lasted 55 hours before it was annulled and chalked up to a bad decision made with probably more than a little outside influence.

Even before Spears made headlines that January though, Las Vegas has always been synonymous with quickie weddings and quickie divorces. But in the spirit of wishing Spears well on her latest marital venture, and in the same vein as the current trend of celebrity weddings, here’s a look at some couples that exchanged wedding rings in Sin City, and are still going strong.

Actress and talk show host Kelly Ripa married her then costar, Mark Consuelos, at the Chapel of Bells in 1996. The two met on the set of “All My Children” where they were both stars on the popular soap opera. Since their wedding 14 years ago, they have had three children and are reportedly still going strong.

Movie star and legendary handsome man, Paul Newman, married Academy Award winning actress Joanne Woodward in Las Vegas in 1958, and the two remained married until his death in 2008. When asked about fidelity during a now famous interview with Playboy, Newman responded “I have steak at home. Why would I go out for a Hamburger?”

And last, but certainly not least, classic movie star Kirk Douglas slipped on his own wedding ring when he married his wife, Anne Buydens in a Vegas ceremony in 1954. Not only is theirs considered one of the longest successful Hollywood marriages, but good news for Spears, it was also not his first. Douglas was married once before Buydens and also had two sons, most notably movie star Michael Douglas.

There have been other couples that have also opted for low-key Vegas weddings recently, keeping the tradition alive. So although Spears’s Vegas wedding may have just been a late-night mistake, plenty of others have stood the test of time.

Do you have a Vegas wedding story you would like to share? Find us on Facebook and tell us all about it.

Another Bachelor Love Connection

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Another Bachelor love connection

The ABC reality franchise, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, continues to crank out the happy couples.

Jesse Csincsak and Ann Lueders exchanged wedding rings during a ceremony for friends and family in Las Vegas over the weekend.

The couple, who were originally on different seasons of The Bachelor and its sister show, is expecting their first child next year, and couldn’t be happier to finally be married. Csincsak told Us Magazine that he had waited his whole life to be married to Lueders, and wanted to just enjoy their lives together.


Csincsak presented Lueders with a princess cut diamond engagement ring, reportedly worth $220,000 on an island off of Lake Eerie after the two met on a reunion cruise for the television series.

The wedding was attended by more of the show’s alum, including recent newlyweds Jason and Molly Mesnik.

So it looks like Leuders might not have won her season, but she came out on top in the end.

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