Wedding Tip # 3: When Your Big Day is a Family Affair, Plan a Kid Friendly Wedding

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So you got down on one knee and asked her to share your life, or maybe you were the one to say yes, either way now that the engagement ring is on that special finger, the planning has only begun. There are flowers to choose, bands to be auditioned, and guest’s happiness to ensure. Just in case your little flower girl and your tiny ring bearer won’t be the only kids at your wedding, here are some tips on ways to ensure the happiness of your very smallest guests.


Before the festivities begin and the wedding bands  are exchanged, have your ushers hand out coloring books and crayons to your tiny guests. Not only is it an activity that will keep them focused and in their seats, it is quiet. While you are saying your vows the kids will be too busy trying to stay in the lines to fuss or fidget

Did you know that wedding videos are cool again? Well, they are. If some of the kids are slightly older, coloring books might not hold their interest. Think about supplying a flip video or small handhelds and turn your young technology inclined guests into little videographers. Keep the kids entertained and involved while creating another memento of your special day.

A simple game table could make a huge difference if your big day is a family affair. Setting up a table with some board games and playing cards in a quiet corner, is a good way to keep an eye on the young ones and still be able to have your fun too. And board games are fun at every age, so don’t be surprised if some of your slightly older guests make their way over there too.

Speaking of game time, depending on the size and set up of your venue, consider setting up a slightly larger table. There are plenty of companies that rent out a variety of professional grade sports tables like Ping Pong and Foosball, making it easy to create an arcade atmosphere to make sure the kids have just as much fun as the adults. And if you’re looking to ensure a fun and lively vibe, then what better way to do that than renting an Air Hockey table? No one can have a bad time if there is Air Hockey.

If you’re not afraid of a little mess, a DIY dessert table could be perfect for the younger guests to express their creativity. Try a cookie station where they can decorate for themselves, or have cupcakes that they can mix and match with different toppings. See just how colorful the kids can be, but remember to keep sticky hands away from your dress.

Kids are cute, and they look great in wedding photos, but their attention spans are limited. Setting up a few activities ahead of time ensures that your young guests will have a good time, but just as importantly, so will the adults.


Lady Gaga Wants That Bad Romance

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The revolutionary performer has a shock and awe approach to life that apparently doesn’t stop just because she is getting married. According to rumors and despite the absence of an engagement ring, Lady Gaga is planning a wedding spectacular to rival even her most extravagant performance.


Anonymous sources always know the best information, and if this one is to be believed, Gaga has been busy planning a five day wedding party to celebrate her upcoming nuptials to boyfriend Luc Carl. In true over-the-top-Gaga-style, the party will begin in New York City and travel to Europe, where every day will have a different theme.

Items on the wish list of Gaga’s fairytale-like requests include a serenade by musician Elton John, a burlesque dance by performer Dita Von Teese with a seven foot cake for her to jump out of, and superstars Sting and Madonna in attendance.

In true diva fashion, the Lady will undergo several fashion changes during the extravaganza, and is reportedly working on designs with Haus of Gaga, the team that handles her usual costuming.

Carl, who supposedly inspired her first album, is a musician, bartender, and huge Elvis fan. The two are even rumored to be designing wedding bands based on the horseshoe ring that Elvis worse. The couple, who met five years ago, had recently rekindled their romance after a brief breakup that occurred during her rise to fame. So far the reconciliation seems to be successful.

So the summer of love may be over, but it has only left us wanting more. Could this all be baseless information? Possibly, but what better way to start off the new season than a Lady Gaga wedding explosion, complete with Cirque Du Soleil performers and fireworks?

In Store Magazine features the Verragio Eterna Collection

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In Store Magazine features the Verragio Eterna Collection

In Store Magazine features the Verragio Eterna Collection

IN STORE Magazine featured the V0009W band from the Verragio’s Eterna Collection for the New Arrivals in Bridal Jewelry.

V0009W ring is set with round and Verragio exclusive limited-edition Bellezza cut diamonds.

Verragio is proud to announce the arrival of the “Couture Collection,” a new series of engagement rings and wedding bands.

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Verragio is proud to announce the arrival of the “Couture Collection,” a new series of engagement rings and wedding bands.

Each engagement ring within the Couture Collection features Verragio’s signature Lumino Setting along with a crown shaped bezel beneath the center stone. Composed of clean lines and cutting edge designs, Verragio’s Couture pieces are made to accommodate anywhere from a classic round center stone to an asscher or radiant cut. With a retail price point range of $1,500 to $3,000 in 18K, you will not have to compromise style and craftsmanship for value.

Verragio Couture Collection of Engagement Rings

Verragio Couture Collection of Engagement Rings

Although the Couture Collection will not be available in retail establishments until late Summer 2009, the collection is currently available for ordering upon request through any Verragio authorized retailer. Verragio Couture is available in your choice of platinum, gold and palladium.

For any questions concerning Verragio’s new Couture Collection or to schedule a viewing please visit

About Verragio:
Verragio specializes in engagement rings and wedding bands of the highest quality and beauty. Verragio is the creator of the Lumino Setting, a revolutionary setting technique that reveals all sides of a diamond, opening up every facet to light. Available in platinum, gold and palladium, Verragio offers designer engagement rings, wedding bands, men’s wedding bands and eternity bands that can be seen only in carefully selected, authorized retail establishments.


Verragio Unveils the Couture Collection of Engagement Rings

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Verragio today unvelied the new Couture Collection of engagement rings and wedding bands.

Although the Couture Collection will not be seen in retail stores until late SUMMER 2009, the collection is currently available for ordering upon request through any Verragio authorized retailer.

With a retail price range of $1350.00 to $3000.00* in 18K, the Couture Collection is truly Unlike Any Other Ring.

Details coming soon…

*Center stone is not included.

On the fifth day of Christmas Verragio gave to me…Five Golden Rings.

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VERRAGIO Facebook Fan Appreciation Sweepstakes

On the fifth day of Christmas Verragio gave to me…
Five Golden Rings.
From the Paradiso, Insignia and Classico Collections.

This Christmas we would like to thank all of our Facebook fans for their continued support. On Christmas day we will randomly select five fans to receive five engagement rings*.

To be eligible you have to be a registered fan before Dec 24th, 2008. Winners will be announced on or by January 8th, 2009. One ring per winner/per person/per Facebook account.

Thank you and good luck!

Happy Holidays

VERRAGIO Online Team

*Engagement rings are made in 18K white gold. Center diamonds are not included. Average retail value is between $2500.00 to $3500.00

For terms, rules, regulations and eligibility please click here

Verragio reveals the new look of the Classico Collection

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Verragio just revealed new additions to the well-known Classico Collection with a fresh and exciting new look. These recent additions emphasis the brilliance of the diamonds and simply enhance almost any shape or size center diamond.

The engagement rings and wedding bands in the Verragio Classico Collection are some of the most sought after jewelry designs in the world. Made with the revolutionary Lumino Setting, each engagement ring or wedding band truly maximizes the beauty of the diamonds. The Classico Collection features a variety of timeless and elegant styles from which you will discover the perfect ring to showcase your diamond and your love… for a lifetime.

Visit the Verragio web site to view the Classico Collection gallery with the new engagement ring and wedding band designs.

Thank you!

Verragio Team

Engagement rings and wedding bands from the Verragio Classico Collection

Engagement rings and wedding bands from the Verragio Classico Collection

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