Wedding Tip #1: Retro Chic

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Wedding Tip #1: Retro Chic

Now that you have found the perfect engagement ring, the planning begins. If you’re looking for something to make your special day especially yours, try weaving a subtle vintage theme throughout the details of the affair.

The explosive popularity of the television series Mad Men continues to influence today’s pop culture and Retro is a hot trend for the fall. It can also offer a unique style to a home spun wedding or simply add some old-school style to the reception.

If you’re feeling extra inspired or daring, choose a tea length wedding dress, or see if your grandfather still has that old tuxedo in his closet. Make it your own with new shoes and accessories to give it a more modern take and avoid playing dress up.


Or try having a cookie bar to accompany your wedding cake. Not only is it a good alternative for the kids, but it is the perfect excuse to decorate the dessert table with retro-style milk bottles. It will be a unique touch, reminiscent of the days when milk was delivered to your doorstep.

For weddings held outdoors, try lighting the walkway with antique lanterns to help give the setting a country feel. Tie ribbons around the bottom in your wedding colors to add a more personal touch.

And for those who are die hard fans of a retro themed wedding, get going from the very start by selecting a vintage inspired engagement ring. The single solitaire diamond concept with a modern twist is perfect for the bride who wants a little flare with this timeless style.


Top shapes in diamonds; First pick has always been the round cut, followed by the princess-cut

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Engagement Rings from the Couture Collection: Couture-0404

When it comes to the diamond shapes round has always been the top pick, followed by the princess. Couture-0404 engagement ring by Verragio elegantly showcases the princess-cut center accompanied by the two sides in this classic example. What is your favorite shape of diamond? Why don’t you let us know on the Official Verragio Page on Facebook?

Couture-0404 pictured here in Palladium with a one carat princess-cut diamond and also accented with 0.60 carat of diamonds on the ring. Retail suggested price in Palladium is $3150, center is sold separately.

Engagement ring: Classico-0297 from Verragio’s Classico Collection

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Classico Collection: CLASSICO-0297

The engagement rings in the Verragio Classico Collection are some of the most sought after designs in the world. Made with the revolutionary Lumino Setting, each ring truly maximizes the beauty of your diamond.

Engagement rings in the Classico Collection features a variety of timeless and elegant styles from which you will discover the perfect ring to showcase your diamond and your love…for a lifetime.

Engagement rings from the Venetian Collection: Personalize and Make It Yours!

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Completely Customizable. Unlike Any Other Ring.

The new Venetian Collection is the first in engagement ring designs to allow you to choose a particular look for the bottom portion of the ring.
When ordering a Venetian style, you will have the option to customize your ring by choosing between five different options in shank designs. Whether you prefer a classic look or a bit more intricacy in design, the Venetian Collection allows you to express your individual style.
Venetian Collection, a line of engagement rings and wedding bands with a flair for style and the perfect combination of old-world craftsmanship and cutting edge technology. Featuring Verragio’s signature crown shaped bezel beneath the center stone and meticulous attention to detail, each ring within the Venetian Collection puts an emphasis on accentuating the side profile.

Venetian Collection Engagement Rings

Check out the hottest designs in engagement rings from Verragio

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Check out the hottest designs in engagement rings: PARADISO-3005R ~ This stunning engagement ring from the Paradiso Collection truly sparkles with a dazzling 1.00 carat princess-cut diamond center and round brilliant-cut diamonds on the band.

The elegant scrolling design on the inside of ring provides for the ultimate comfort. Each ring within the Paradiso Collection hugs the contours of the finger to create the perfect fit and prevent the ring from spinning on the finger.

Diamond engagement rings from Verragio: COUTURE-0405

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COUTURE-0405 engagement ring from the Couture Collection, featuring 0.35Ct. of shared-prong set round brilliant diamonds to enhance a round diamond center. Available in Palladium, 18K Gold and Platinum.

See the entire collection:

Going back to the classics… CLASSICO-207P: Traditional three-diamond engagement ring from Verragio

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CLASSICO-0207P engagement ring from VERRAGIO

Going back to the classics… CLASSICO-207P: Traditional three-diamond engagement ring designed to maximize the fire and brilliance of the diamonds by incorporating the exclusive Lumino Setting, diamond setting technique; minimal coverage, maximum light and brilliance!

Pictured here in Platinum with a 1.50 carat princess-cut diamond center, accented with 0.50 carat of two princess-cut side diamonds. Also available as CLASSICO-207R with round side diamonds for round, oval or other shaped centers…

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