Almost a Decade Later: A 9/11 Wedding?

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Saturday marks the 9-year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The Twin towers fell in New York City, the Pentagon was forever changed in Washington DC, and thousands of people lost their lives on the east coast. After all this time, the date has continued to grow in infamy, not lessen, with many people marking it this generation’s D-Day, or its Kennedy assassination; everyone can recall where they were when they heard the news.

I personally remember being a college freshman in Philadelphia, sitting in biology class amidst an air of panic as other students wondered, not if, but when something would happen next. By the time I got to anthropology, classes were cancelled. I was not in NYC, I was not in DC, but I have my own memories. We all do.

And with almost a decade of morning under our belt, 9/11 will fall on a Saturday for the second time since 2001. The second Saturday in September has always been a popular day for weddings, but the 11th has not. It is widely believed that the 11th of September is a day of mourning for some, reflection for most, and remembrance for everyone. The last time the 11th fell on a Saturday was 2004, and still far too close to be an appropriate day for celebration.

But after so much time has passed, the question now becomes, has it been enough time?

The idea behind exchanging wedding bands on this 11th, would be to take a day that weighs so heavily in the hearts of Americans, and turn it into something happy and joyous.

A recent USA Today article reported that 2,000 more couples will be exchanging vows this Saturday than in 2004, but that the overall numbers for a second Saturday in September are still way down.

There is, after all, a stigma attached to the date. Couples might steer away from the date out of worry that their choice may be offensive to some, but other just might not want to be overshadowed by the 9/11 presence. It is your once and a lifetime big day, and it’s ok to want it to be about you.

However, a counter argument might be that the spirit that has arisen in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks is one of growth and healing, new life, and the cohesive idea of working as one. What better basis for a wedding could there be?

Are you are someone that has planned a wedding on this or any past September 11th, or have attended one? Or maybe you just want to tell us your thoughts or your stories, or just share some memories with us on the eve before this momentous date.


Wedding Planning Tip #4: Get Out of Town With Destination Weddings

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The moment you have waited a lifetime for has finally arrived; you have the engagement ring of your dreams from the man of your dreams. And yet times are tough, but does that necessarily mean you should have to compromise on the wedding of your dreams? Destination weddings has been a rapidly growing trend in the last couple of years, and when stacked up against the idea of buying 150 of your closest friends dinner, can be an incredibly enticing idea. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning a fun, affordable destination wedding.

Dress, flowers, and even food are all often influenced by where you have chosen to have your wedding and can often be taken care of later in the planning process. But there are a few key things to make sure you get out of the way as soon as possible.

First things first, know thyself. If you’re a bit of a controlling bride, or a hands-on, type A party planner, then the concept of a destination wedding is not for you. You must be able to put yourself and your guests in the hands of people you have never met, at a venue you have likely never been to. If the term “sight unseen” makes you nervous, then you will probably be more comfortable with a wedding that’s a little closer to home.

Second, remember to keep the guest list short and sweet. Determining the number of guests early on will determine your budget as you begin to search for foreign venues and vendors. Only your closest friends and family should be invited or expected to attend. Also, remember to keep it simple for those planning on attending. Some couples offer to pay for their guests hotel stay, others ask that guest’s attendance at the chosen local be their only wedding gift, but however you decide to handle things, a small ceremony is one of the biggest draws of a destination wedding.

Save the date is another phrase that cannot be stressed enough when beginning to plan a destination wedding. Make sure you send them out as far in advance as possible. For guests that are planning on attending, timing is often a make or break factor. If there are certain guests that you want to be sure will be there, save the date cards are a crucial part of the planning process.


Speaking of the date, make sure to choose your big day with the chosen local in mind. If you have decided to be a beach bride, make sure to avoid hurricane season in the late summer months. If a European wedding is more your style, try not to pick a date during peak-tourist season. Avoiding the crowds can often mean less expensive flights and more variety or flexibility when choosing your accommodations.

Our final tip is less of a tip and more of a perk; when having a destination wedding remember to use your environment as your main decoration. Before you make yourself crazy with flower choices, color palettes, and table clothes, remember that less is more and the location you have chosen is more than enough decoration for the big day. Whether you’re below a European mountain range, a small chapel in Arizona, in New York City’s Central Park, or on a tropical beach in Costa Rica relax, enjoy, slide on that wedding ring  and maybe find out what “island time” really means.

An New Engagement Ring for a Dancing Queen: Niecy Nash

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Niecy Nash, the Dancing with the Stars alumni and Style Network’s “Clean House” host couldn’t have been happier when she flashed her new engagement ring over the weekend.

The former “Reno 911 star” originally announced her recent engagement to boyfriend Jay Tucker via a Twitter post and “recreated” pictures of the big moment for fans.

Nash told “Entertainment Tonight,” for whom she has just been named this season’s DWTS correspondent, that falling in love was easy, but planning the wedding was the hard part. Something we know a little about.

The television star-turned-dancing-expert has three children from a previous marriage, so is no stranger to planning a wedding, and is already making plans to slip on the wedding ring  in May of 2010.

The couple, who have been together for a year, held a small party for friends and family this weekend to celebrate the upcoming nuptial, where Nash was able to show off her Round cut diamond engagement ring, set inside a halo of smaller diamonds. But as beautiful as her latest diamond accessory is, it couldn’t shine brighter than her smile this weekend.

Wedding Tip # 3: When Your Big Day is a Family Affair, Plan a Kid Friendly Wedding

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So you got down on one knee and asked her to share your life, or maybe you were the one to say yes, either way now that the engagement ring is on that special finger, the planning has only begun. There are flowers to choose, bands to be auditioned, and guest’s happiness to ensure. Just in case your little flower girl and your tiny ring bearer won’t be the only kids at your wedding, here are some tips on ways to ensure the happiness of your very smallest guests.


Before the festivities begin and the wedding bands  are exchanged, have your ushers hand out coloring books and crayons to your tiny guests. Not only is it an activity that will keep them focused and in their seats, it is quiet. While you are saying your vows the kids will be too busy trying to stay in the lines to fuss or fidget

Did you know that wedding videos are cool again? Well, they are. If some of the kids are slightly older, coloring books might not hold their interest. Think about supplying a flip video or small handhelds and turn your young technology inclined guests into little videographers. Keep the kids entertained and involved while creating another memento of your special day.

A simple game table could make a huge difference if your big day is a family affair. Setting up a table with some board games and playing cards in a quiet corner, is a good way to keep an eye on the young ones and still be able to have your fun too. And board games are fun at every age, so don’t be surprised if some of your slightly older guests make their way over there too.

Speaking of game time, depending on the size and set up of your venue, consider setting up a slightly larger table. There are plenty of companies that rent out a variety of professional grade sports tables like Ping Pong and Foosball, making it easy to create an arcade atmosphere to make sure the kids have just as much fun as the adults. And if you’re looking to ensure a fun and lively vibe, then what better way to do that than renting an Air Hockey table? No one can have a bad time if there is Air Hockey.

If you’re not afraid of a little mess, a DIY dessert table could be perfect for the younger guests to express their creativity. Try a cookie station where they can decorate for themselves, or have cupcakes that they can mix and match with different toppings. See just how colorful the kids can be, but remember to keep sticky hands away from your dress.

Kids are cute, and they look great in wedding photos, but their attention spans are limited. Setting up a few activities ahead of time ensures that your young guests will have a good time, but just as importantly, so will the adults.

Lady Gaga Wants That Bad Romance

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The revolutionary performer has a shock and awe approach to life that apparently doesn’t stop just because she is getting married. According to rumors and despite the absence of an engagement ring, Lady Gaga is planning a wedding spectacular to rival even her most extravagant performance.


Anonymous sources always know the best information, and if this one is to be believed, Gaga has been busy planning a five day wedding party to celebrate her upcoming nuptials to boyfriend Luc Carl. In true over-the-top-Gaga-style, the party will begin in New York City and travel to Europe, where every day will have a different theme.

Items on the wish list of Gaga’s fairytale-like requests include a serenade by musician Elton John, a burlesque dance by performer Dita Von Teese with a seven foot cake for her to jump out of, and superstars Sting and Madonna in attendance.

In true diva fashion, the Lady will undergo several fashion changes during the extravaganza, and is reportedly working on designs with Haus of Gaga, the team that handles her usual costuming.

Carl, who supposedly inspired her first album, is a musician, bartender, and huge Elvis fan. The two are even rumored to be designing wedding bands based on the horseshoe ring that Elvis worse. The couple, who met five years ago, had recently rekindled their romance after a brief breakup that occurred during her rise to fame. So far the reconciliation seems to be successful.

So the summer of love may be over, but it has only left us wanting more. Could this all be baseless information? Possibly, but what better way to start off the new season than a Lady Gaga wedding explosion, complete with Cirque Du Soleil performers and fireworks?

Swapping the Engagement Rings for Wedding Rings: The Summer of Love

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Just as Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of the summer season, Labor Day weekend marks its end. Before long, the weather will get cooler, the leaves will start to change, and the holiday shopping will begin. But before we bid a formal farewell to the warm weather, let’s take a moment to recognize that this really was one romantic season.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green: Lost but not forsaken

In June of 2010, Brian Austin Green proposed for a second time, to girlfriend and movie star Megan Fox, on the beach in Hawaii. According to rumors, Fox was so excited that she promptly dropped the diamond engagement ring in the sand, where it was never to be seen again. Nonplussed, Green replaced the ring, and the two were wed in Hawaii a few weeks later.

Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky: American Royalty

Although the two have been friends for almost twenty years, Clinton, daughter of political power couple Bill and Hillary, did not confirm that her childhood friendship with Mezvinsky had blossomed into romance until 2005. The August 2 wedding was an interfaith ceremony held in Rhinebeck, NY that reportedly cost about $3 million. While it wasn’t the only royal wedding this summer, it was as close as this country can possibly get to the real thing.

Robbie Willaims and Ayda Field: A classy, clean affair

For a man that used to live his life so publicly, reformed rogue Robbie Williams certainly snuck his wedding under the radar. On August 7th, the British Singer wed actress Ayda Fields in a ceremony that was so last minute, his band mates weren’t able to attend. Those that were able to make it to their L.A. home in time, celebrated with finger sandwiches and cups of tea in deference to the groom’s wishes.

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie: A fairytale romance

Back in the day, Hilary Duff was the reigning tween, pop culture princess, but just because she has grown up doesn’t mean she can’t have a wedding fit for a queen. This past February Duff announced her engagement to NHL player, Mike Comrie, whom she had been dating since 2007. The two exchanged vows in front of about 100 guests in Santa Barbara this past August 14. The requisite attire for a fairytale bride? Vera Wang, of course.


Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer: Blood may be thicker, but water is more fun.

Constant danger and conflict might plague their on-screen romance, but things couldn’t be more harmonious for this real-life couple. The True Blood costars exchanged wedding rings  during an ocean side ceremony in Malibu on August 21st. The pair, who have been engaged since last August, were joined by a small group of friends, family, and a few costars, some of whom joined the groom when he stripped down to swim trunk for a post-nuptial dip in the ocean.

Chad Lowe and Karen Painter: Life goes on
Closing out this particularly packed season of matrimonial bliss, Actor Chad Lowe wed his longtime girlfriend, Karen Painter in another California beachside ceremony on August 28. Lowe was once known as the other half to Oscar winner Hillary Swank. And although their love did not last, the actor proved that life goes on when he exchanged vows with film producer Painter in a ceremony attended by friends and family, where the couple’s daughter acted as ring bearer while famous brother Rob Lowe acted as best man.

So take a page from the playbook of the stars and enjoy the beach while you can, because just like their engagement rings eventually turn to wedding rings, summer will soon turn to fall. Don’t fret though, there is sure to be an avalanche of fall brides coming our way with a whole new style. Beach weddings are so last season.

Impromptu Weddings Can Still Be Titanic

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The tragic maiden and final voyage of The Titanic has fascinated people since it sank in 1912, killing 1,522 people. And once again, the famous ship, made even more famous by Director James Cameron in 1997, is making headlines. Fortunately though, this is a happy occasion.

A Massachusetts area couple, working aboard a research ship mapping the wreckage of The Titanic, was married at sea while on a detour from the ship’s wreckage site.


Jim Kovacs, the ship’s director of photography, already had an engagement ring, and had been planning on proposing to Maryann Morin, who works in film post-production, for about a year. But this past Sunday, after Hurricane Danielle forced the ship to change course, Kovacs decided it was now or never.

The two exchanged wedding rings on the deck of their ship with the captain, Jean Charcot, officiating the ceremony. According to CBC News, the crew spent the night before making paper flowers and the bride’s outfit was fashioned out of a bedsheet.

The couple plan to honeymoon in Cape Cod and continue their voyage to The Titanic as soon as the weather allows.

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